Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lead kindly light!.....

As more and more incidents keep happening, its no longer enough to worry about it and blame the authorities for being brutally blind to all this. Let alone the fact that everyone other than the authorities who have power seems to see what the obvious punishment shuld be declared as!
Reading newspapers have become a disturbing routine of everyday life now. But when we pray for the victims and for our dear one's safety, dont you think there is pondering required on the real factor that's causing people to turn cannibalistic?
When did we humans start being so overwhelmed by our desires! Sudden exposure to things which the mind can't differentiate as right or wrong often leads us into obsessing . Human nature gas always between to desire for what's not at hand . So For example, people who haven't had much chances to use internet, when they get an opportunity tends to overdo it.
It is the same with every thing in our life.
Learning to control our desires is a critical factor for preventing future disasters. Starting with small sins it can lead to barbaric actions just to satisfy one's thirst. As long as it hasn't quenched, it would keep us under its mesmerizing claws,  promising heaven! Its not just government or laws that has to be reviewed, its every one of us. Society as a whole should take responsibility for the future of our sons and daughters. what we show them is what they'll become!
Starting from relationships at home , movies, internet, school and friends.... Exposure is at its max.  We can't say no to it, we can't.bring them up inside the four walls .... The only way to help is by lighting the candle of awareness. Talk to them on what's right and what's not, dont be shy like our senior generations have been. Let freedom of speech lead to freedom of movement!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 the world of Rapists!!!!!

It was a cold morning and i slipped out of bed careful not to wake up my two year old sleeping peacefully beside me...

I hurried to the kitchen to start with my chores for the morning. one of it being retrieving the milk packet from my front door, i opened the door and picked up the packet and the newspaper.
I conducted the usual ritual of reading the headlines and was about to flop the paper on the table, but before i could walk off something caught my eye. Dumbstruck, shocked, numb, shivers.... i don't know exactly how to explain that moment of pain.

"Capital shamed: Girl gang-raped on bus in South Delhi", it read. Details of it all of you would have read. It was too much to believe. 

As i managed to handover the paper to my husband and walk away, my mind was flooded with the many such articles I've read in the past. brutal cases like these have been in the papers on and off. Fathers, Uncles, Caretakers, turning into monsters at schools ,home etc, The very people and places we considered secure is now where we should be extra cautious !!! 

Accidents happen.. it's part of life... but what about things like these? What reason or justification do they have for committing such a brutal act, to make a person devoid of the capability to live a life, dignity aside, atleast with the minimum confidence that someone will not plunge over them in the next second. To say that its animal behavior would be to insult the animal kingdom itself, atleast they Kill and dont make their victims's life  a rotting hell! 

When i grew up we were told to be careful about strangers. Don't talk to strangers my mum used to utter, outgoing was not the kind of thing one was supposed to do when in a vulnerable situation and it was understood well. But now? what should i tell my son\daughter? 

Should i isolate them into a cube and let them live their lives in a dungeon where no one can reach them?

Whom should i warn them about? strangers? or their own family members? 

Schools are now creating awareness about good touch and bad touch, but what do we teach them about the jungle out there? How can one live with the fear that any moment, any one can turn into a monster and pounce upon you!!! 

Right and Wrong no longer comes in Black and White! We need to revisit our morality. We need to find our moral self to be able to stop ourselves from viewing others as probable Victims. Wake up people.... wake up the human in you.... 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Arranged Vs Love? .... its Complicated!

SALE SALE SALE ... everywhere a SALE... that's how it is now when u tread outside nowadays. Every other store has an ON SALE board hung bright and bold in front of their entrances,and knowingly or unknowingly we get pulled in.
So last weekend i was on this shopping spree, desperate to checkout the sale at my favorite store, i made time from my usual schedules to head out and indulge. Since the day i had planned for this, my mind had been on this all alert mode, where i pick up colors and patterns from everything i see, from tv serials to magazine pages, to distant memories of beautiful dresses worn in my favorite movies. Every now and then, in between the routines my mind would return with a new color and pattern to put in my bookmarks list, so that i can refer to them when at the store.

All set for the endeavor i headed out to the store. The innumerable colors that the store held out to me were more than manageable. Never had i felt so overwhelmed with the need to pick my favorites! So there i was surrounded by all sort of colors and patterns one could imagine, and yet even after an hour i couldn't set eyes on even one garment that would satisfy my style definitions!
True to the moment, i was greatly disappointed at this unexpected turn of things. Even with all that it could offer me.. it was just not enough!

Life sometimes is like this... the moment would ask for it, the nature would strive to offer it , but all of it wouldn't be enough to make it happen! It wouldn't matter whether u actually prepared/planned for the moment or it happened spontaneously, the only thing that matters is for you to feel right. 

Strength of a relationship is based upon the quality and not upon the length of time u knew each other. Sometimes even spending a lifetime with someone wouldn't be enough to understand them, and some other times the sincerity and loyalty of the other person would strike you in just few seconds spent together !

Like they say 'everything has got its place and time'... even love and marriage has its predestined place and time... sometimes it just feels right and u just need to trust your instincts. Love ya arranged .. its the commitment towards it that matters... nothing more..nothing less!


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Friday, August 3, 2012

Forgive and ForgeT? or Revenge and Regret?

There are basically two kinds I've come across..

The ones who forgive and forget and the other who don't!

While the former glazes through life leaving breakups and regrets behind , with the hope of a better tomorrow, the latter holds on to the past and evaluates everything the future holds in terms if the past memories. Even the smallest mistake you do with a person who never forgets will be written in big bold letters in the book of your relationship and will be referred back and forth every valid and invalid times.

Hence evidently forgive and forget is the way to be if you want to enjoy life without the dark shadows of the past.

But in todays wild world, there are some others who take advantage of this Forgive and forget trait. Just because we move on with life more easily, people tend to think that they can get away with anything ,cos we'll forgive them and get along as if nothing happened. So then it becomes important that forgive and forget be always accompanied by assertiveness, so that you don't allow anyone to make you feel inferior or victimized.

So then how should it be ? ...  i guess even the universal rules need to rewritten to face today's unforgiving world.

Forgive and become a door mat? or take revenge and be called a fighter?? .... what to be and what not to stays a mystery!!!!! 
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